Scenes are split into two categories. Unique ones with specific NPC(s) and general ones you can initiate with DSS.

NameNPCsDSS SupportRequirementsRepeatableLocationAn ItchTaurNoCock (average)Yes(View)Caged CorruptedCaged CorruptedNo
  • Cock (average)
Yes(View)DragonAncient DragonNoYes(View)Footsteps of the DragonAhmesNoYes(View)Farewell GiftEleiaYesYes(View)Glory of the GodsRashaNoYes(View)Guard Bribe: FemaleAnubite GuardYes
  • Female Form (any)
Yes(View)Guard Bribe: MaleSketchy DraconidYes
  • Male Form (any)
Yes(View)Guard DutyHorny GuardNo
  • None
Yes(View)Intimate DraconidNitocrisNo
  • Cock (average)
Yes(View)Prideful CentaurNessosNoYes(View)Primal TentaclesPrimal Goo GirlNoNo(View)Snake CharmerTosesNoYes(View)Secret AdmirerMehlvaNoYes(View)StockadesSlave Master TuvanNo
  • Cock (large)
Yes(View)Slime In A JarSlime in a JarNo
  • Fail the QTE
Yes(View)Temple FelinesTemple FelinesNo
  • Gold (various amounts)
Yes(View)Temple ThreesomeRitual AdeptYes
  • Cock (average)
Yes(View)Valuable LoadShadyaNo
  • Cock (any)
Yes(View)Void OrgyVoid SpiritNoYes(View)Wet For FurNofreNo
  • Female Form (any)
Yes(View)With Bells OnDhashaNoNo(View)
NamePosition + RequirementCowgirl
  • Top (Female)
  • Bottom (Male/Futa)
  • Top (Male/Futa)
  • Bottom (Female)
Twisted Missionary
  • Top (Female)
  • Bottom (Female)
Standing Lift
  • Top (Female/Futa)
  • Bottom (Futa)