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DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverRanno of the Merchant's GuildPrerequisitesRewards

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough


Depending on how you completed the previous quest Law and OrderRanno of the Merchant's Guild tries to rope you into another scheme. This time he's missing an important shipment that the Anubites where transporting for him from an excavation site. By his account the precious cargo should have already arrived yet he heard nothing. You can press him for more information about what exactly you should be looking for but in his words "You shall find it quite obvious should you come upon it." So take the road east and begin your journey.

Ice Cubes

After a longer trek on the road you should arrive at an peculiar scene. Anubites in the middle of a frozen desert, this can't be good. Investigate your surroundings until you find the Anubite which hides near a building structure. Ask her what has happened here but the conversation is cut short by a sudden visit of the Ancient Dragon which seems hungry for a snack.

Chasing the Dragon

Instead of smoking opium, trek across the desert in the direction the dragon went. You should arrive at the Anubite excavation campsite where the Dragon slumbered until it was broken by the ruckus. You get a new objective to find the dragons lair. It is in fact not near the excavation site - it's actually west, past the Village of Kusma. It's a medium sized ruin where the Dragon waits perched on top of a wall. Caution is advised.


Enter the structure and the Dragon will 'introduce' herself. You have several options from here on out on how to react in this dangerous situation. Attacking, attempting to enslave her or hiding will result in your immediate death. If you choose to converse with her instead and express your desire to lay with a dragon the conversation continues. You can question her about multiple topics, like the similarity between Dragons and Drakes or inquire further about what the dragon "saw" about you. It ends with the revelation that the dragon requires some intimacy and asks you to have intercourse with her. Succeed in pleasing her and gain a Frost Shard as a memento. These shards work as crafting materials and allow you to craft powerful frost Weapons. This scene is repeatable as long as the Dragon is found here.


Returning to Ranno you can express your surprise that it was a Dragon he sent you searching for. You now have two mutually exclusive choices you can make:

Quest Log

Ranno of the Merchant's Guild has tasked me with locating his missing shipment. I'm not certain what I'm searching for but apparently I'll know when I lay eyes on it.

I suspect this may be what remains of Ranno's shipment. I still need to locate the item itself so I should explore the area. If there are any survivors of whatever happened here they may be able to help.

It seems the shipment was a sleeping Dragon, though it's very much awake now. I should work out where it's going and report back to Ranno.

The Dragon has clearly been back to the dig site recently, but it's not here now. It must be somewhere relatively nearby, I should track it down.

I know the location of the Dragon now, I should report back to Ranno. I don't know what 'use he expected me to do, it's not as though I could drag the creature back to the Docks...