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Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walkthrough

A Chance Encounter

Ahmes has mistaken you for someone else but you decide to help her find the hidden Vessel she seeks anyway.

Scavenger Hunt

Ahmes tells you to look for the vessel that is hidden somewhere in the Northern Desert while she looks for it in a less dangerous place. It is found at the very end of the desert in an underground tomb which is guarded by a few Tomb Robbers, Restless Dead and Cursed Ones.

Northern Tomb I

After opening the entrance with the button to your left head down and use the elevator to descend into the tomb proper. Arrived at the bottom you need to go right as the the second door on the left can not be opened yet. In the first room with stone tiling and a brazier there's a small alcove to your right which can be accessed by crouching. The chest inside the alcove contains 4 x Iron Fragments and a Rage Decoction.

Northern Tomb II

Go back out and face the dark passage straight ahead. Take note of the large stone slab that almost reaches the height of your head in the middle of this passage. You need to climb up here to progress further into the dungeon as all other options are dead ends. After climbing up the slabs and continuing on and then dropping down a bit you arrive at another stone tiled room with another two Tomb Robbers waiting. There's another chest in this room, this time containing the Gate Key which you can use in the next room to open a shortcut and three Bronze Ingots.

Northern Tomb III

After opening the shortcut there's the previous room we skipped by going right first time we've entered the dungeon, this room contains a chest with 3 Scraps of Beast Hide and one Draught of Life. After looting and opening the door in this room it's time to head back from where you came and enter the long corridor, as soon as you reached the part where the sand blocks your progress turn right and jump over the small slab and continue forward - be wary there are a few Restless Dead and Cursed Ones shambling about. Once you arrived at the next brazier head up the stairs as the left option leads to a dead end. After climbing the stairs continue until you hit another set of stairs that lead down again, take them.

Northern Tomb IV

You're now in the final chamber of the Northern Tomb. Loot the vessel at the altar to accidentally consume it and turn into a Female Lesser Draconid, Ahmes won't be happy! Note: You also gain the male Form but it doesn't affect Ahmes. When facing the altar: To your right are a set of stairs, take them and you will soon find yourself on the balcony overlooking the room, go further until it looks like you're about to leave the room. Instead of leaving take a look at the protruding slabs of stone to your left. With a little luck or skill you can jump onto them and reach the final loot in this dungeon: A vessel containing Salamander Scales and Hilldrake Horns for your newly acquired form(s). Once that's done head back to the balcony and go forward and drop down. Once down you're back in the room where you opened the door shortcut previously. From here it's a short walk back to the elevator and fresh air.

Returning to Ahmes

Ahmes is shocked to see you return in such a scaly form. Although not all is lost for her...

Quest Log

Uncover ancient, sacred vessels hidden by the followers of Bast.

Ahmes is retracing the footsteps of the Bast's followers, searching for a rare 'Ritual Vessel' thought lost beneath the sands. The item may unlock the secret to becoming a Draconid, a scaled humanoid that represents the first step in ascension to becoming a Dragon Demigod. Ahmes has marked areas on my map to search. I need to be careful, as there are more dangerous things than bandits amidst the scorching dunes.

I have discovered and opened a lost tomb in the desert, perhaps this is where the vessel Ahmes seeks can be found. I found the Ritual vessel in a crypt beneath the dunes, a vault guarded by the risen dead. The door reacted to my touch, unsealing the ancient stone and allowing me access. When I tried to lift the vessel it transformed me into a Draconid! I will return to Ahmes, though I doubt she will be enamoured with this turn of events.



The path upwards to the depths of the dungeon.
The path upwards to the depths of the dungeon.