Quests » Ride the Pony

DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverDjedaPrerequisites50 GoldRewards

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

The Merchant

Djeda is a livestock merchant who owns a centaur, a very rare sight in Sabu. She will let you breed with him for the right price...

The Prideful Centaur

Nessos is a prideful centaur and not just anyone is worthy of him. You must trick him into breeding you. Complementing his balls he mentions how long it has been since his last "session" and agrees to have sex with you. Don't forget the Harness Djeda gave you.

Quest Log

Nessos is a stubborn brute, you'll have to outsmart him if you want to... ride the pony.

Nessos is a proud creature, I have paid good money to milk him and I have his harness for my safety. It's apparently essential I fit it before he gets erect though...