Quests » With Bells On

DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverDhashaPrerequisitesNoneRewards

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

Starting the ritual

Dhasha believes fate has brought you two together and requests your aid to unseal the Keystone. She sets you out to find two important items to open the keystone.

Obtaining the Spirit Sand

The first part to breaking the seal is obtaining the Spirit Sand which can be found in the desert to the north. Deliver to her once found.

Obtaining Mistletoe

Dhasha next tasks you with finding the Mistletoe, a rare ingredient in Sabu. But you recall there being an Alchemist maybe he has some near the orchards by the harbor. Deliver to her once found.

Unlocking the Keystone

Finally Dhasha tells you the last step in unlocking the Keystone, you must both climax beside it (which requires any average cock). Afterwards approach the Keystone and get the reward.

Quest Log

Dhasha seeks to unlock the mysterious keystone with an ancient ritual

Dhasha, a mysterious Draconid has asked me for assistance in completing "Destiny" by preforming a ritual by a Keystone. I must find and bring 'Spirit Sand' back to the mountain top

Dhasha has asked me to find mistletoe, an uncommon plant in Sabu. Near the docks I overheard of an Alchemist's hut near the edge of the dunes, perhaps some can be found there.

How the ritual is completed and mine and Dhasha's bodies were joined, the Keystone has unsealed. It appears there is something inside...