Quests » Glory of the Gods

DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverRashaPrerequisitesNoneRewards

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

Communing with the gods

Rasha has spilled Veranus' holy seed and has requested you to speak on her behalf

Finding a proper offering

Acquire the ritual vessel from the cart wreckage.

Offer the vessel

Return to the shine and bestow your offering to the chimera Demigod.

Speaking with Veranus

Accept Veranus' seed or pry further to learn the truth.

Returning to Rasha

Return to Rasha and either tell the truth or lie, both are rewarded by the same scene.

Quest Log

Investigate the Mysterious Shrine and discover the secrets of the Gods

Rasha has asked me to assist her in communing with Veranus, I need to look for a suitable offering for the Shrine. A ritual vessel vendor is said to be nearby

I found the trader dead and a ritual vessel on the ground near his corpse, I need to return to the Shrine to offer it to Veranus

Veranus has accepted my offering and wishes to speak further, I have been blessed by his presence

Veranus has bleed me and I may accept his glorious seed, though I have my suspicions about his Authenticity, I have heard strange sounds coming from nearby caves; I may investigate further.