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DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverMedjaiPrerequisitesNoneRewards
  • 200 Gold

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

Note: This quest has quite some branching so the order to tackle the different leads can be chosen freely, only in the later stages some choices become mutually exclusive and impact the lives of certain NPCs. This guide follows the path with the last amount of foot travel since you need to visit quite a few locations multiple times.

Jackal Rescue

When approaching Nappona Estate you'll notice a bleeding Jackal with a hostile Bandit nearby. Dispose of the Bandit and talk to the Jackal. You learn his name is Medjai, a former guard of the village nearby. He'll informs you that a guardsman recently left the village and the Bandits in the area seized the opportunity for raids on the caravans. If you ask him how you can help he offers you a job as a tracker - searching for the missing guard Amycus so they might still sway him to come back to restore order in the area. He also informs you of the current drug problem: Khoomah seems more valuable to the people than peace and order in the village. Agree to help him. After this talk to him again (since the dialogue exits) and ask for a few pointers on where you could start. He tells you of a Slaver's caravan that went by recently which tried to hire the missing guard. This is also the time he mentions the guard is a centaur. This is a lead to your first problem. Ask him to elaborate on the drugs to get a bit more context on how big of a problem it seems to be.

Aneb Village I

Instead of heading towards the Slaver Medjai mentioned we head to town and interview a few more people before heading further out. First stop is Euthymius, a minoan from the Merchant's Guild stationed in this backwater. He is located on the terrace of the highest building in town - the one with the red obelisk. Tell him you're looking for the missing guard for the "old man". He thinks the guard is already dead - probably killed by the bandits and gives you a lead: A merchant in the village has reported a missing shipment and he thinks the same bandits might be responsible. Head towards the shop in the back part of the village.

Aneb Village II

Arrived at the shop you'll encounter Renshet and her Assistant. Ask them about the missing shipment you've heard about and they will both agree that it's likely the same bandits who are responsible for the missing guard. Offer to find her missing shipment - she'll be thankful and directs you to her assistant for more information. Talk to her too to learn about the route the shipment supposedly took. We now head out of the village but if you want you can talk to the Addicts around town or shop with Renshet since she actually sells a few things.

Missing Shipment

Head out of town trough the main entrance and go to the eastern riverbank below, it has a wooden bridge, after that keep left until you find the Slaver which Medjai mentioned might have recruited Amycus. Talk to him and put some pressure on his uncooperative ass and attack him to free the imprisoned female centaur which is clearly not Amycus. After that, head back to the bridge but instead of crossing head further east until you arrive at a broken cart with some jars and the grey dead feline courier the Assistant mentioned. Loot both items here - the Etched Amulet and the Runner's Note inspect both of them to learn what they might be. With one lead closed and another advanced let's head back to the village but first update Medjai that you freed another centaur and it was not Amycus.

Aneb Village III

Our first stop is showing the Etched Amulet to Euthymius. He'll tell you it belongs to one of the bandit groups in the area and marks the location of their camp on your map. Back at Renshet's talk to both her and the assistant to inform them the shipment has been raided by bandits. You can ask her about where the shipments came from which leads to a very odd and suspicious explanation but no other insight. You can show her the letter and amulet as well. She can't say anything about the letter or amulet and points you towards Euthymius but we visited him already. Talk to the Assistant as well and show her too both the note and amulet, she claims to know nothing about a note and thinks the amulet belongs to a certain group of Bandits to identify themselves.

Aneb Village IV

Now this is a little odd since the game doesn't ever nudge you in this direction, but there's a male jackal, Nuru in the village plaza who will advance the drug inquiry, if you miss him you will not complete this quest so best to do it now. Talk to him and you'll learn he's a Khoomah dealer in town, and would like to sell you some but his supply has run dry. Ask him about his contact from which he buys the stuff and bribe him for 50 Gold for it. You'll learn it's the Assistant. So head back to the shop and look behind the warehouse for a crate containing the goods, loot it and confront the Assistant. Intimidate her to learn that each previous shipment contained Khoomah in a secret compartment and even Renshet's oblivious to it. But she doesn't know where the shipments come from.

Blue Cats

With no progress made on the missing guard but some ground gained about the drugs we'll pursue this inquiry first. We know that the bandits must at least be involved somehow. Let's head to the camp Euthymius marked for us based on the etched amulet we showed him. Leave the town from the back and head west towards the quarry. You might get attacked by a few Addict lowlifes near the abandoned huts. Arrived at the Bandit camp talk to Najja their leader. You can ask her about why they don't attack you or if she knows anything about Amycus or the drugs but the only solid lead she'll give you if you show her the letter from the shipment. She'll tell you about Nefi the leader of another rival Bandit clan in the area. She thinks the other clan might be responsible and marks the location on your map.

Black Cats

Nefi is located on the eastern hill, so back to the wooden bridge past the broken cart where the shipment was and further up the hill. If you talk to her you can tell her that Najja "sends her regards" but it doesn't escalate to hostilities - instead she'll give some context on why there are several clans vying for power. Surprisingly when asking about the Khoomah she too seems to be in the dark - which is odd since we know the shipment came from her camp. She suspects that one of her underlings Sokkwi, who packs the shipments might be hustling on his own. So let's head to poor Sokkwi and ask him where the substance comes from, his disguise is poor but he will not spill the beans. Look around the place and soon you'll find his stash containing two bottles of Khoomah. Confront him again with the evidence to learn that he too is just a middleman in this conspiracy but he shows you the location on the map where the exchange happens. It's a place in the Naprumu foothills at midnight.

Midnight Milkshake

Arriving at the cave a shocking scene unfolds. A draconid has setup a large laboratory with intricate machines and there seems to be a centaur attached to them. Talk to the draconid, you'll learn he is called Sekerti and is an alchemist who is responsible for distilling and distributing the Khoomah in the area. He's impressed you found him and flaunts about how much gold he has made with his scheme. Accuse him of imprisoning Amycus, the missing centaur guard and he explains that the centaur (or his seed) was the missing ingredient for the effects he desired. He claims all the gold is just a means to an end to perfect his work and make the drugs effects permanent: eternal ecstasy. From here on you have two choices: Make a deal with him to keep the Amycus imprisoned against his will for a share in the profits, or attack him to free Amycus. Skip to the next heading depending on what you choose.

Decision: Deal

When you accept his proposal to keep quiet and let him continue his work in secret and profit of his work he actually will not give you any gold (Bug?). The only thing left for you to do is head back to our questgiver Medjai and lie to him by telling that the bandits have killed his friend and former village guard. With a broken heart he compensates you 200 gold for your troubles. This ends the quest. Note: You can not reveal the truth to him, the only dialogue available is to lie. This ends the quest.

Decision: Freedom

Instead of accepting to his proposal you can also attack Sekerti and then decide yourself what the fate of Amycus should be. Once Sekerti lies in the dust of his own hideout approach the milking machine in order to free Amycus. Once he's settled talk to him and explain what led you here. Amycus will agree to return to the village, but has a final request: To keep the method of his imprisonment secret, or else all would know they where hooked on his seed which would shame him deeply and follow him all his life. This is a personal choice which currently doesn't impact anything else except die dialogue with Medjai. Regardless of choice Amycus will rest up while you catch up with Medjai and return with the good news. This ends the quest.

Quest Log

I came across a guard captain Medjai who was being attacked by bandits. After saving him, he told me that one ofhis guards from Wayfarer's Respite has gone missing, a centaur named Amycus. I agreed to help search for the missing guard and rescue him if possible. Perhaps I should ask Medjai ifhe knows where I should start looking.

Medjai suspects that a slaver may be responsible for the missing guard. He directed me towards the camp ofa slaver who passed through the village just before Amycus went missing.

The slaver is dead. I should search his body for a key to free the centaur.

Medjai told me about a new drug in town, a highly addictive, viscous liquid. He is not convinced that the drug is related to Amycus' disappearance, but it did start showing up shortly after. Could the two events be related?

I found amulets on the bodies of the raiders each etched with the same symbol. I should return to report back to Renshet. Perhaps these amulets can tell me more about the raiders.

I agreed to help the merchant Renshet search for her missing shipment. It might provide some clues as to who is responsible for the missing centaur. Renshet suggested that I speak to her assistant in the warehouse for more details on the missing shipment.

I convinced a dealer of the new addictive liquid to reveal his supplier. It turns out that the merchant Renshet's assistant is responsible for distributing jars of the liquid. Apparently he keeps a hidden crate full of the stuff stashed somewhere in the warehouse. I should find this crate and confront him about it.

I found a hidden crate full of jars of the addictive liquid in the warehouse. I should confront Renshet's assistant about this. I confronted the bandit boss Nefi about the addictive liquid in his shipments. He claims that he had no idea about it. He suspects that the bandit who packs the shipments Sokkwi is running his own side hussle dealing the liquid. I should confront Sokkwi about this.

Sokkwi confessed about his involvement with the addictive liquid trade. He told me that he picks up new jars of the liquid at the same location at midnight. He marked the location on me map. I should intercept the next pickup and see if it will lead me to the source.

(If made a deal with Sekerti) I accepted Sekerti's offer. Amycus will continue to be milked by Sekerti, but I got a substantial cut of the profits. I should return to Medjai, but I'll have to lie to keep up my end of the bargain.

(If attacked Sekerti) Sekerti is dead and I can now release Amycus.

(If freed Amycus, but lie about his absence) I freed Amycus, but did not agree to lie about his absence add the source oif the addictive liquid. He was not happy, but agreed to return to town. He stayed behind to recover. I should report back to Medjai.

(If freed Amycus, and lie about his absence) I freed Amycus and agreed to keep the details of his absence a secret. He stayed behind to recover, but I should report back to Medjai.