Our journey begins in a realm of ancient myth, where the life-giving waters of the Euphoris river meet the sand-swept ruins of Sabu. The God-Queen Kethra has not been seen for a thousand years, but rumors of her return are uttered in hushed tones throughout the sprawling villages along the shoreline of the once mighty waterway. Deprived of its divine empress, Sabu has fallen under the rule of eight demigods, powerful beings that once served Kethra as bodyguards. Unchecked, these immortals now vie for power as warlords, their conquest bathing Sabu with the blood of the innocent.

You enter this world as a slave, a prisoner of fate and the cruelty of others, but you will find that your future is as changeable as the sands of Sabu. The path of fate is yours to tread and your story is not yet written...


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List of Gods

Current list of confirmed gods and their current allegiance.

Anubis "The Jackal"

Demigod encountered during Milk and Honey. Supposed true heir to Kethra.


Mentioned by Nessos, might have migrated to Lybos.

Bastet "God-Queen"

If Nepthys is to be believed she binded Kethra's power out of envy and declared herself God-Queen.

Q'Tesh "The Succubus"

Little to no information available, referred to as "The Succubus" by Nepthys.

Seshat "The Scribe"

Is referred to as "The Scribe" by Mesahtnofret. During No Rest for the Wicked an Acolyte of Seshat is encountered.

Uket "The Shadow"

Confirmed demigod "The Shadow" by the Scribe during Blood Script.


His shrine can be visited during Glory of the Gods but it's used by a charlatan posing as true Veranus.

Brief History

This background information is currently the most plausible explanation for Sabu's situation. It is told by Priestess' Attendant Nepthys.

The story of Sabu is the story of the God Queen, Kehtra. When she first arrived in this place it marked a new era. Sabu then was a harsh desert land, much as it is now, however the only beings that lived here were humans... mortals. Kethra wasted no time in bending Sabu to her will. Granting a chosen few the power of Ascension, she forged the first Demigods. The power of these beings was immediately clear, and it seemed they had made Sabu a true paradise. The inhabitants of Sabu were blessed with endless food, wine, and luxuries. They wanted for nothing. With no need for toil, and with the influence of Kethra's own lust, libidos soared and the populace surrendered to desire. They fucked day and night, one could scarcely take a step without brushing past writhing bodies, locked in a carnal embrace. Over time Kethra blessed more and more of her people, elevating their forms and granting token fragments of her power. As with all things however, it was not to last... and, as is often the case, she was betrayed by the one closest to her. The cat demigod Bast, second to be raised by Kethra, was envious of the Queen's power. She gathered outcasts to her, the handful who did not cherish the gifts bestowed by Kethra, and formed her Inquisition. Twisting the minds of her faithful, she convinced those zealots that the God Queen was sin itself, her works blasphemy. Working in secret, they killed countless minor demigods, sealing their power away in enchanted ritual vessels and keystones. Bast knew that in doing so she bound those fragments of Kethra's power within, rendering the God Queen vulnerable. Precious little is known of what happened to Kethra, only that Bast usurped her throne, declaring herself... God Queen Bastet. Her rule was turbulent and brief. Having fanned the flames of puritanism to oust Kethra, the fire of zealotry burned out of control. As a creation of Kethra, Bast's own followers saw her as equally sinful as the deposed God Queen. Naturally they turned on her. Sabu has since been torn apart through infighting, Kethra's remaining demigods fighting over scraps of land. The echoes of the God Queen's power have poisoned Sabu in her absence, all that remains is her boundless, hungering lust. Only Anubis, the first demigod blessed by Kethra can be called her rightful heir. Only through him can we hope to restore Sabu. This cult seeks to restore Anubis that he may end this curse, that Sabu might once again be an oasis of prosperity. So, do you wish to serve the High Priestess in her goal of restoring The Jackal? Will you walk the path of Anubis?

  • Priestess' Attendant Nepthys