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Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

Arriving at the scene

Arriving at the Docks of Anubis, near the huts you'll notice a small crowd gathered around a dead body. Inspect the poor dead Jackal an you'll notice the body was mutilated and has some strange runes carved into it's chest. Time to report this crime to the City Watch. Head back towards the bridge you would take to the docks proper and talk to your favorite Anubite Guard you have met before at the docks. Learn that this was not the first murder and that the City Watch don't have the capability to chase a murdering lunatic. Offer your help instead, time to find some witnesses.

Finding some leads

Turning around it's time to interview some possible witnesses. Talk to each of these and exhaust their dialogues to get as much pieces of the puzzle as possible.

Riddle me this

It seems our stranger isn't satisfied by your knocking knowledge alone, he posses multiple riddles which you can fail as often as you want. The first riddle goes In fine silk am I adorned, great jewels and gilding all about me... yet none but common thieves may witness my majesty. What am I. your possible answers include:

After guessing correctly (an entombed Mummy) he will pose the second riddle: A lone warrior standing sentinel. The charge sustains me. Retreat does not fell me. Only in victors do I die. What am I? with the following answers ready:

After guessing correctly again (a cock) he will pose the third and final riddle: Above gates I reside, guarding nought but ecstasy. Never can I be lost, though by some I am yet seldom found. What am I? with the following answers ready:

After guessing correctly again (a clitoris) he'll finally open up. From here on out the dialogue is pretty branching, to learn everything you'll have to listen to him for a while. To proceed you have to accuse him of murder. From there on out you'll have a few choices on how to advance. The first choice is to immediately agree to share the burden, in which case you can skip to the next Chapter. If you hand him over instead a fight will break out, once he's near death dialogue picks up again and you can choose your flavor of punishment:

The Shadow Reborn I

If you agreed to help him let him explain everything. Once you're satisfied you can still decide his fate once more, which lead to the same options as listed above. If you've answered that you understand him instead, he will show you the Ancient Tome on the table inside. Pick it up and interact with it and you will hear Atá! You can try to leave which will be unsuccessful or be more agreeable and listen to his grand scheme. Once it's revealed that his plan is to kill another citizen you can once more refuse unsuccessfully or listen. Reading the name from the book then reveals Atá's final target is the Scribe. This time you can actually refuse him but Atá will brush it off saying you need more time, you can also leave to think about it, or finally agree. You can go back to Mered for some additional dialogue. Talking to the Anubite Guards or the scribe won't offer any new dialogue.

The Shadow Reborn II

Once you've arrived at the Scribe you can try to resist (once more...) or kill her. If you kill her she will be dead on the spot and the quest will end. Try to resist instead and Atá won't be happy at all but provide a final alternative. You'll travel to Uket's shrine in the desert. Once you've arrived Atá will speak again and offer two options:


Depending on the outcome, in the future there might be consequences for your actions.

Quest Log

While passing through the farmland I have discovered a dead body, this appears to be mutilated and villagers are gathered in the area.

The body has been mutilated and is covered in blood, I should report this to the City Watch.

To get to the bottom of these random killings, I should talk to any potential witnesses.

The stranger seems to have a peculiar story and wants me to follow them, I'm going to find out what they have to say.

The mysterious stranger has locked me out, this gets weirder each time, the scribe also seemed to know something about the markings.

--- Route A --- Mered must answer for his crimes and be brought to justice, at all costs.

--- Route B --- Mered asked me to pickup and read the tome of Atá, the scribe must know more about this.

The Ancient Tome has asked me to end the Scribe's life to bring them back to power, I'm not sure if I can do this.