Quests » No Rest for the Wicked

DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverMesahtnofret the ScribePrerequisitesNoneRewards

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

One-Horse Town

Visting the lovely village of Kusma you find it empty with barricaded building doors and only a lonely Jackal wandering around. Talk with Mesahtnofret the Scribe and inquire why the settlement is the way it is. You learn that the community suffers from a dry spell and Mesahtnofret thinks she might have a solution. It involves gathering a rare Elixir of Lust that might aid the villagers affected by Kethra's advancing curse. The only problem is that the recipe buried in a tomb along with an ancient Warlord. Make your way there: It's east from the village, near the Anubite Excavation site where the Ancient Dragon was buried.

Warlords Tomb

The Tomb itself is a lather large cave with multiple ways to get to the end. If you want all the loot I suggest to keep right. There are only two chests in the whole dungeon. The first one contains the Sealed Tomb Key which is required to enter the final chamber. After the room with the chest you have two options forward: One which leads to a room with wooden scaffolding which is the quicker but more dangerous way. Instead head right again until you encounter the second chest which contains the Noir Sabuthi Sash and Noir Sabuthi Skirt. Continue on and take the first left until you are back in the room with the wooden scaffolding. There's a crack in the wall, if you follow this you will eventually arrive at the final door. Use the previously obtained key to open it.

Deep Purple

Entering the antechamber you will find the Accursed Warlord which depending on your level and gear might be quite a dangerous encounter. The Warlord wields a powerful magical scepter which can summon multiple Cursed Risen One which attack you and then die shortly after. At half health the Warlord will use a small AoE blast attack that might catch you off guard so watch out for it. After defeating the enemy you receive the Ancient Potion Recipe and the Kethrite Sceptre but sadly with no magical properties, but it's a good mace type weapon. Return to Mesahtnofret in the village.

The Missing Ingredient

Handing over the Ancient Potion Recipe will reveal that Mesahtnofret has everything ready except a rare final ingredient. A rare plant specimen called the Night Lotus is missing. Inquire where you might find this rare herb and she will point you towards an Acolyte of Seshat which visited the village not long past, if you catch up with the Acolyte she might be able to point you in the right direction, so head off south west.

Questions and Answers

The Acolyte of Seshat can be found near a campsite located at a small pond. Talk to her and ask about the herb. Once you do she will ask what use you have for it. You explain the situation to her, after this you have two options on how to handle her offer:

Life springs anew

Turn in the Night Lotus plants and Mesahtnofret will quickly brew the Elixir of Lust. Surprise! It worked. After a small cutscene you observe the Villagers emerging from their houses and daily life returning to Kusma. Mesahtnofret thanks you again and promises that you will always be welcome in the village.

Quest Log

I've agreed to help Mesahtnofret save her village. I should ask about her plan.

Mesahtnofret has directed me to a nearby tomb where an ancient warlord is buried. It is said that this leader used a powerful aphrodisiac that could drive anyone wild with lust. Mesahtnofret thinks that the recipe for this elixir may be hidden among the belongings buried with the warlord.

I have arrived at the tomb, but it is crawling with the restless dead. Finding the recipe may be more difficult than I had originally thought. I expect that it was hidden near the final resting place for this warlord.

I have defeated the undead warlord and found the recipe in his remains! I should return to Mesahtnofret at once.

Mesahtnofret does not know where to find the missing ingredient, but she thinks that an acolyte ofSeshat may have that knowledge. She directed in the direction of the last acolyte who passed through.

--- Route A ---

I have rejected the acolyte's offer. She did not take kindly to that. I must defeat her.

The acolyte mentioned that the night lotus grew in this area. I should try to find and gather enough blossoms to cure the village.

I have gathered enough of the lotus petals. I should return them to Mesahtnofret.

--- Route B ---

I have accepted the acolyte's offer. I should return to Mesahtnofret, but what should I tell her?