Quests » Milk and Honey

DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverConcubine KhalithPrerequisitesNoneRewards

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Going places

Concubine Khalith tells you about the path of the Jackal and the Shrine you need to interact with. Make your way there.

Dropped my Marbles

Once you've arrived at the platform, Anubis tells how he lost both his eyes and therefore his vision and tasks you to find them.

Finding the Left Eye

Walk back to the road you used to get here and search the bush with the skeletal remains next to them. That's the Left eye of Anubis already found.

Finding the Right Eye

After returning the Left Eye Anubis will share with you the location of his Right Eye. He gives you the Old Key and sends you to the Ruined Tomb in the northern desert.

Tomb Raider

After arriving at the hole in the floor, drop down and descend down into the Tomb. On the right side is a locked door which can't be opened yet, instead head left and go down the stairs into a room with multiple smaller rooms on each side, go trough the opening to the right and head down the stairs again until there's a drop-off. Going straight leads to a dead end room, so turn around and further descend down into a storage room. Here you will use the Old Key from Anubis to enter the Tomb proper.

Crushing It

After opening the door, there are a few rooms connected by hallways. Go forward and ignore the hole in the floor, instead keep going straight and then down until you arrive in a room with enemies and cages. One Restless Dead and two Cursed Ones need to be eliminated. After killing those three go trough the mine-shaft like corridor to the right until you arrive in a stoned tiled hallway. Beware! There's a crushing trap in the middle, carefully avoid the trigger in the middle and loot the Old Cracked Stone Key from the skeleton a little further up the hallway.

Hanging Around

After looting the key and heading further still, you'll arrive in a cavernous room with two enemies: A Restless Dead and a Cursed One with a campfire in the middle. Anubite's Note can be found on the table that tells the tale of the poor fellow who hanged herself. A chest in the corner contains two Iron Ingots, an Ornate Bronze Khopesh and three Elixirs of Life. After looting it leave the room trough the exit by the dead Anubite and head back up, you'll arrive near where you opened the first door with the hole in the floor we skipped previously.


After climbing out of the hole, go back to the stone tiled hallway we've used the first time and open the door with the obtained Old Cracked Stone Key, the door is somewhat hidden by darkness in the middle of the hallway. After opening it, descend into the darkness. At the bottom of the stairs there's a gap in the wall that can be passed with crouching, leading into a sunken room with a chest containing three Bronze Ingots and two Potions of Fortify Armor. When looted leave and head further until you arrive in a room with two Followers of Bast, dispose of them, then climb up the broken stones to your right where the campfire is. Go forward into the dark room with the cages and loot the chest containing Bones, two Lust Essence and two Draughts of Life. From here on just head forward trough the dark caves, there's no other way to go until you arrive in a larger, lit room with scaffolding.


In this large room, kill the three Followers of Bast. Once dispatched take a look at the scaffolding with the smaller ladders to the right. Climb up there and either go left or right by walking over the beams. In the upper part of this room there's an opening above the statue in the center wall surrounded by beams which you can reach by jumping. There's the entrance to the last room of this dungeon.


After the short hallway you will arrive in a treasure room with lots of gold around of which sadly you can't take any. Loot the Right eye of Anubis from the chest in the middle and head back out, but do not jump down into the room with the scaffolding, use the small exit inside the hallway on the right side instead. Follow the path until you arrive at a lever - use it. You'll notice you're back at the long staircase from earlier, go straight and climb up the stairs all the way until you see the last door which you can unlock without a key. Climb back outside and breathe, fresh air!

The Mysterious Stranger

Once back at the shrine return the Right Eye and after a quick chat with Anubis a stranger will interrupt and question you about what business you have near this shrine. Your responses change the dialogue a little but ultimately she will turn hostile and the boss fight begins.

Inquisitor of Bast

Defeat the Inquisitor of Bast to complete the quest and earn your rewards. You have several options what to do with her once she's down:

Quest Log

I need to travel to the Shrine of Anubis to follow the path of the Jackal

I need to search for the left eye of Anubis. It should be somewhere nearby to the skeletal remains of a thief

I need to locate the Right eye in the ruins deep beneath the Northern Desert

I must search for the Right eye in the forgotten passageways of the Ruined Tomb

I have found an eye and should return it to Anubis' Statue

I should talk to the Stranger

I must defeat the Inquisitor, a champion of Bast and enemy of Anubis