This page lists lore fragments found mostly outside the game.

Sacred Texts

These texts were taken from the Patreon / SubscribeStar posts and have been confirmed as canon by the developers.

Exclusive, Ascended-Only Content Poll (13.02.2021)

"Oh mighty Ascended Ones, we tremble before your very footsteps. Grant us your blessing, that we may shape the world to your will"

-Nameless Acolyte

Poll - New Exotic NPC (03.03.2021)

"That thing, it's beautiful! Those powerful claws add an exhilarating hint of danger too... and what voluptuous breasts, bouncing up and down as it runs... towards us..."

-Last words of Neithos, Scout of the Royal Hunt

Avatar Idea Submission Options (11.03.2021)

"I saw that their forms were many, such numerous differences that they were innumerable. Perfection glimpsed in every figure, lust beyond measure."

-Chapter 12, Verse 3 (Gospel of the Risen Tower)

Ascended Idea Submission Options (11.03.2021)

"Between a thousand pairs of legs hung manhoods of every shape and size imaginable, some quite beyond reason. Before long my resolve failed me, my set gaze adrift amidst a sea of quivering flesh"

-Chapter 12, Verse 8 (Gospel of the Risen Tower)

Anubite & Demigod Idea Submission Options (11.03.2021)

"Gone is the measure of time, days and hours carried away by the dry winds of the desert. Moments pass amidst the climax of the many, the ocean of continuous and everlasting pleasure. There is no 'I' any longer, there is only the Eternal Orgy."

-Chapter 13, Verse 1 (Gospel of the Risen Tower)

Exclusive, Ascended-Only Content Poll (13.03.2021)

"It was in the ruin of the fighting pits we finally caught up with them, disturbing their carnal ritual above the hidden Tomb of Sobeq. We slew the warriors first, the only ones capable of presenting any real resistance. All there met the same fate in the end, they knew too much to let them live. We will prevent her return, no matter the cost."

-Journal of Sitah, Inquisitor of Bast

Anubite & Demigod Shrine Options Survey (01.05.2021)

"Oh Mighty Jedet, I offer you this gift of my flesh. I am unworthy of your sight, yet you bless me with this mighty beast... that it may... r-rutt me in your name. My womb is bloated with his seed and yet your champion is not yet sated... oh gods... I think he's cumming again!"

-Blessed Acolyte of the Demigod Jedet

Tomb of the Ascended - Name Survey (08.05.2021)

"There they were, the very names of the ancients themselves. Those mighty beings felled by the scheming of Bast and her zealots, Kethra's blessings torn from their souls and sealed away. As I ran my hand across the dusty glyphs, the humming of some antediluvian power crackled beneath my touch. There is much in a name it seems, perhaps even a path back..."

-Journel of Ofret, Scribe of the Southern Cities

Demigod Rewards Survey (08.05.2021)

"I found the vessel towards the rear of the shrine, a partially collapsed wall disguising its presence. Just approaching the sand-covered relic set my pulse racing, but it was the seal on the stone jar that sent a shiver through my body. This wasn't the entombed fragment of a mere Ascended One, but the essence of a Minor Demigod itself... who knows what unique and powerful aspect lies within."

-Journel of Ofret, Scribe of the Southern Cities

Community Feedback & Priorities (01.07.2021)

"The air crackled and, but for a moment, I glimpsed not only the heavens but through them, through to the endless chaos of the void. Reality slipped from my sight like a silken robe discarded in the throes of lust, and I gazed upon an ocean that was both time and space. I saw the tumult at the core of creation and the infinite paths, both taken and not. In that instant I saw all that was or that could be... above all else, my part in it..."


Camp Vote - Tent Cosmetics (06.07.2021)

"Fine linens were all about, silks and rare hides too. Never had I dreamt such finery could exist atop so desolate an outcrop. One by one we were ushered past the rows of masked warriors, each wielding a stout staff furnished with a cruel, forked blade. In that secret spot we became the first apostles of her true creed."


Poll - New Underwear Cosmetics (13.09.2021)

"In all my travels there seemed none more utterly transfixed with the bodies of others than those very people whom allegedly shunned the carnal ways of the God Queen. It therefore came as little surprise to me when I discovered the undergarments of the supposedly celibate cat-worshipers did little to cover the most intimate areas of the wearer. Ostensibly this display of flesh is to prove that it holds little temptation, though their flushed complexions and furtive glances suggested otherwise."

-Ehkos, A Guide to the Desert Kingdoms

0.3.38 Ascended Release Notes (01.05.2022)

"All I could hear from beneath the huge beast were wet slaps and squelches, along with the occasional groan of leather or clinking of gilded chains. For the intensity of her ordeal the Felian girl slung under the huge bovine seemed unfazed, though perhaps the glazed expression was more a feature of how long she had been attached to her master's throbbing member than anything else. A series of metal rings about her ornate outfit secured her to the belly of the vast Minoan, his huge member aligned with the once tight hole of the slave. Each shuddering step taken by the merchant carried through, the momentum sliding her up and down his grotesquely proportioned manhood. When not attached to the business end of their masters, these slaves actually appear to hold relatively high status in the society of the desert kingdom, more consort than whore. However, of all the erotic excesses I observed in Sabu, the lifestyle endured by these slaves was among the most debauched."

-Ehkos, A Guide to the Desert Kingdoms

Civilian Chatter

Some civilians can be talked to. These are the current lines available:

Acta Sabuthi

Current events, propaganda and anecdotes shouted in the town square from a heavily medicated refugee of the colonial spade wars.

Holy Inquisition of Bast is now recruiting! Bast WANTS you!

Do you enjoy killing heretics [1] daily? Do you want to tower above your foes, imbued with the power of an ancient feline goddess? Do you love pussy and hate the smell of wet dogs? Sign up to Basts Inquisition now and get a complementary torture victim absolutely free! Help your community by killing most of them in the name of the immortal soul of a long dead goddess whom you also killed for residing in a body that was a creation of Kethra. Does this not mean that by channeling her power you're both a hypocrite and a heretic? Close that open mind like the gates of the Inquisitorial Fortress and simply dont think about it. For a limited time only you'll get a bonus set crotch-less lingerie to allow easy access and really show those heretics just how not obsessed with sex you are!

[1] Heretics as defined in the IOB Rules of Engagement, p403-551. Including but not limited to farmers, pets, other inquisitors, children, bees, street signs, and actual heretics.

Echoes from a God - On the Inquisition #1

"Their minds are clouded with the curse of the false goddess Kethra, they cannot see the truth for their eyes are blind to it. They cannot hear the truth as their ears are filled with the honeyed lies of Anubis. They lips speak only falsehoods with the liars tongue of Uket. One cannot reason with a rabid animal, nor can one reason with the cultists of the Jackal."

-Nameless Inquisitor

Echoes from a God - On the Inquisition #2

"The life of an Inquisitor is one of sacrifice, we live only to redeem the world and free it from the tainted ways of Kethra. We must endure the most difficult hardships and yet we do it selflessly, as we aided Bast herself to shed her body to rid the world of that foul creation of a false queen. The rot has taken root in this land and, should it take a thousand years or more, we will cut it out. Mindless lust is like an untamed blaze, an inferno that consumes all and breeds nothing but death and ruin. We are the flood that heals the earth and allows the tender shoots of purity to emerge."

-Nameless Inquisitor

Scroll Fragments

These summaries are taken from the VIP Insider Faction vote polls.

Anubite Poll I (07.10.2022)

By order of the High Priestess' Attendant Nepthys, Sister Tahirah has been dispatched into the untamed lands, the area over which no faction holds complete dominion. Her goal is the tomb of the Naga Khemu. The entrance of the ruin was easy to locate, getting in has been more... challenging. Teeming with traps and other dangers, Tahirah lost countless warriors within days and quickly realised she could not continue to expend Blades of Anubis in such a wasteful manner. Raids on nearby villages provided an ample source of "volunteer" labour however, and excavations began proceeding at pace. Upon word that they had reached the center of the tomb, Sister Tahirah entered alone to access the inner chamber and sprang the final trap; Khemu is not dead. Without his soul drained by the Inquisition before entombing him, his body rapidly consumed the essence of all the slaves volunteers and Anubite warriors, petrifying most and leaving virtually everyone else as cursed ones. As the huge naga uncurled from his sarcophagus, the door of the tomb sealed with Tahirah inside, protected from the power of the ancient being by the favours of Anubis worn about her neck.

This last trap is deviously simple... A gemstone outside the door holds a curse meaning that the door cannot open from the inside unless Khemu himself opens it with his touch or if he is being actively satisfied. Cursed with unquenchable lust and bound to the chamber, he demands someone remain with him to fuck eternally in the tomb.

Inquisitor Poll I (07.10.2022)

Inquisitor Karo is leading an advance scouting party deep within the untamed lands, an area where no faction holds total control. She and her party have just spent the night camped within the ruins of some forgotten temple, the thick stone walls providing a welcome respite from the dry desert winds. As she rises from her bedroll and kicks sand over the smoldering ember of the fire, something terrible happens; the curse of the false goddess flares, she can feel it gnawing at her soul as the essence is torn from her body. The power is too great for her retinue and they are turned to stone in an instant, now a dozen contorted statues litter the floor of this ancient ruin. Alone, the Inquisitor stumbles out across the dunes until she meets the bank of the Euphoris river, then downstream and further into the unknown. Hours pass, wading through reedbeds in the heat of the high sun when finally she notices signs of life. Ahead she hears giggling, moaning, the sounds of lust. Villagers indulging in the wicked perversions of Kethra. She spits instinctively, muttering a curse under her breath. There are four of them, Felian farmhands enjoying themselves like animals in heat. Inquisitor Karo closes her eyes and takes a breath, her pulse quickens and she knows what must come next.