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The player camp is a campsite near the Sanctuary Ruins fast travel point. It houses a few Merchants and has facilities for Alchemy and Crafting.

Camp Followers

Not all inhabitants are there from the beginning. The player can find and sometimes help potential camp followers in order for them to join their retinue.

Merchants and Craftsmen





The campsite has several building slots that can be upgraded or changed at no cost by speaking with the quartermaster Apa. Currently the following options are available:


IconNameDescriptionEscaped Slave's ShelterEscaped Slave's ShelterThis item has no description.Nomad's PavilionNomad's PavilionThis item has no description.Sturdy ShelterSturdy ShelterThis item has no description.


IconNameDescriptionSimple MattressSimple MattressThis item has no description.Sleeping RollSleeping RollThis item has no description.

Follower Dwellings

IconNameDescriptionDesperate FollowersDesperate FollowersThis item has no description.Nomadic FollowersNomadic FollowersThis item has no description.


IconNameDescriptionDark Sandstone ObeliskDark Sandstone ObeliskThis item has no description.Pale Sandstone ObeliskPale Sandstone ObeliskThis item has no description.Red Marble ObeliskRed Marble ObeliskThis item has no description.White Marble ObeliskWhite Marble ObeliskThis item has no description.

Future Upgrades

The additional building slot options are visible in the camp screen, but no available buildings can be placed yet.


The camp at dusk.
The camp at dusk.