Quests » Law and Order

DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverAnubite GuardsPrerequisitesRewards
  • 50 Gold or Gratitude of the Merchants Guild

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough


Talking to the Anubite Guards near Kahi the Merchant by the docks they mention you conversing with Priestess' Attendand Nepthys. You can attempt to lie to them and deny it being you or affirm their statement. Whatever you choose they rope you into their situation. A cutpurse is targeting rich folks around the various market stalls by the docks. You can remark to them why that should be your problem since you're not a member of the watch which they twist into the argument that because of this you're the perfect candidate to chase the thief. Inquiring about current suspects leads to nowhere, as these two have obviously more important matters on their mind. Tell them you catch the thief red-handed to begin the quest.


All of these steps are optional, but add more flavor. Talking to the various merchants around the docks such as Kahi, Shadya you don't learn anything useful. Even more peculiar is the rant from the Raving Citizen which can be found in the small ruined structure to the side of the docks.

Heavy Hanger

The key to finding out the first critical clue is talking to the Minoan Ranno of the Merchant's Guild, he can be found near the shipbuilder's yard down the stairs. Ignoring his condescending demeanor you learn that the thief had fur which was black as night. You can question him for further information what the Merchant's Guild will do once the thief has been snagged and their future won't look pretty.

Slave Trading

After having obtained the previous information it is time to visit the male Slave Trader at the end of the docks. He seems to know you from somewhere. Lie to him and keep pressing about the information because his responses go off the rails frequently. He confirms the black fur and is certain the taffer was a Felian.

Black Cat

It is likely you already spotted or even talked to the Black Felian that stands around near the stairs which leads you to Ranno. Confront her with your "evidence" and she gives in quickly and offers an arragement: Information for freedom. You can ask her how she gets the information and a rough idea what it might entail (something about Drakes). After exhausting all other dialogue options it boils down to the following choices:

Quest Log

The Watch have asked me to search for a thief that's been plaguing the docks. I should ask around to try and track the thief down before confronting anyone. The various tradespeople are a good bet, one of them must have seen something.

I have a description of the suspect, a distinctive one at that. I should confront the Black Felian and put a stop to this spate of thefts.

I must choose the thief's fate, though no choice will be without consequence for myself. With a single decision I could make powerful friends, or dangerous enemies.