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Scrawled ravings of a cursed Anubite.


Anubite's Note
PropertyValueNameAnubite's NoteRarityCommonGold1Weight0.2


High Priestess, Greatest Servant of Anubis, I made my way into the ruins as instructed, no thanks to the local guides. As soon as I had handed over the coin they turned tail and fled. I foolishly entered the tunnels alone to retrieve the eye. In my hubris I have failed you my mistress - I was careless on my way in and awoke the restless dead. They surround me now, blocking my exit. Initially I marked the passage of time by reciting verse, now though I've lost count of the days spend underground. It's hard to be certain in the flickering torchlight, but I think my left leg may now be completely petrified. The glow from my eyes reflects on the hilt of my Khopesh... it won't be long now. I stand no chance on my own, especially not now that her curse has taken hold. Why did the bloody door need a key. I have no way forward, nor way back. Tomorrow I step into the void on my own terms.