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DetailsTypeMain QuestQuest GiverSlave TraderPrerequisitesNoneRewards
  • None

Quick Walktrough

Detailed Walktrough

Unwelcome in Sabu I

The Slave Trader is the first NPC you meet in Sabu and the world of Carnal Instinct. She brought the player as a slave on a ship to Sabu. Talk to her to learn a few things about Sabu and it's situation and what your next steps should be. Either you will partake in the Eternal Orgy or to put to work in the Mines. Either way she sends you to talk to some Anubites.

Unwelcome in Sabu II

The unnamed Anubite can be fond near the shipbuilders by the docks, not far from the Slaver. Talk to her and get your warm welcome to Sabu. This ends the quest. While it is the first main quest in the alpha it's a very short one with no rewards.

Quest Log

Present yourself to the Anubites to join the Priestess' harem.

I have been delivered to Sabu a slave, though my captor seems to care little that I may try to flee. She seems to be the reason I was brought here in the first place.