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Void Spirits


Though I never saw them in the flesh, the daughters of the Void were writ large in the history of Sabu. Mysterious beings from outside of time.


The origins of the Void Spirits, if they even exist at all, are shrouded in mystery and conjecture. Most sources agree that they appear generally human in form and are unbound by the effects of the mortal realm. Rituals are rumoured to exist, perhaps found in the dark corners of the world, that allow the passage of such beings into this reality.

Legend suggests that Void Spirits may draw from the realm beyond ours, manipulating time against their enemies. A single fragment of an antediluvian tome made the entirely unsubstantiated claim that the Void Spirits could consume the soul of other beings or grant fragments of their own soul to others. These are likely, however, to be mere fabrications of primitive peoples seeking to scare one another beside the campfire.


Forms and Decorations

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