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Those Demi-Jackals I met were each more insufferable than the last. Status-obsessed, bursting with self-importance, and somehow more aloof than full-blooded Jackals.


Not a true species at all, Demi-Jackals are one of several human subtypes. Having insufficient essence to ascend to a greater form, these peoples have sewn shards of essence into simple neckwear. The Lybossan patterns embossed upon the collar hint at the origins of the magics used to sustain the limited transformation.

A Demi-Jackal lacks most of the enhanced senses of it's parent species whilst retaining almost all of their human vulnerabilities. Their first step towards ascension and shared likeness with Anubis makes owning them as slaves very taboo, however this taboo itself is enough to make them particularly sought after in secret auctions held by the slave traders cartel.


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