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Version 0.3.31 introduced the Dynamic Sex System or abbreviated DSS. This changes how most scene(s) play out. Instead of having fixed cut-scenes that loop the scene(s) are made interactive, with pleasure meters and various controls to influence the progression. Currently the system features the following:


DSS Controls
Current DSS Controls

Carnal Vision

By using the Carnal Vision skill (default key: F) eligible NPCs which can be used for DSS are highlighted. The colours indicate the type of scene(s) you can expect:

Carnal Vision
Carnal Vision Mode: Activated

Carnal Instinct

Climaxing by filling the pleasure meter awards Carnal Instinct Experience Points which in turn raise your Carnal Instinct Level which can unlock additional unique dialogue during quests, sex scenes and positions and in general raise your sexual stamina and endurance. Note that this system is currently not used extensively so leveling it up won't provide any benefits in the current builds.

LevelXP Required0100229003400045100562006810074'820089'6400918'4601010'000