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Consumables, or potions are used to heal near instantly or provide buffs for a limited time. Cooked Food can also be used to heal gradually over time.

IconNameRarityValueWeightDraught of LifeDraught of LifeConsumable150.1Draught of StaminaDraught of StaminaConsumable300.1Elixir of LifeElixir of LifeConsumable100.1Elixir of StaminaElixir of StaminaConsumable150.1KhoomahKhoomahConsumable1150.1Potion of Fortify ArmorPotion of Fortify ArmorConsumable400.1Potion of Fortify HealthPotion of Fortify HealthConsumable450.1Potion of Fortify StaminaPotion of Fortify StaminaConsumable450.1Rage DecoctionRage DecoctionConsumable750.1