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Esi will have a lot to say, you now know that the entrance and tomb itself is guarded by void powers. Since she's in quite a pickle and doesn't seem hopeful that this venture will end in success she sends you on your way to find Khaba the Scribe. Khaba is located south of Nekheb Crossing near a small house on the riverbank.


On your arrival talk to a spaced out Khaba and mention the void power. She might think you could harness this power too. If you ask her if she wants to accompany you she will politely decline but mention that her assistants Notes might be of additional help. This is an optional objective, you can find the notes or ignore her and head straight for the ruins. If you go for the notes - they can be found in the abandoned village east of Nekheb Crossing, where a lot of Cursed Ones can be found. You can return to Khaba with the notes but she will tell you to keep them anyway.


At the ruins you will find 4 Statues which can be interacted with. The statues have sigils on them and if you investigate the walls around the ruins you'll notice the same sigils on them. Align the statues so the sigils match. If you really can't figure this out take a gander at the Dusty Journal again. Note that at night this puzzle might be hard since the sigils do not glow in darkness and will be hard to spot.


If the puzzle has been completed successfully a Void Spirit will appear. Talk to her and accept her deal to be granted the void powers. Note: It is important that you consume the void spirit vessel after the orgy - it grants you the Void Spirit Female Form and more importantly the Void Infused Khopesh as it will benefit you greatly in the main quest Diamond in the Rough. The quest is now complete.

Quest Log

I should follow the river to the scribe's house.

Khaba has told me of ruins that supposedly house a gateway between this world and The Void. Laughed off as a children's story by Esi, perhaps this place really is a door to a place beyond reality.

There are four statues marked with symbols that spin freely on their plinth. Perhaps a specific alignment of these is all that's needed to open the gateway.

It was trivial to open the gateway to The Void... baffling really that nobody had done it already. I should talk with this being that has come forth trough the doorway.

I don't think this was here before... I wonder what it holds.