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Priestess Attendant I

Before this quest is granted to you will have to finish Milk and Honey first. The last words from Anubis were to go to the crocodile in the temple, meaning Priestess' Attendant Nepthys. If you talk to her she will ask you about other accomplishments you might have made since your arrival in Sabu. The more quests you have completed, the greater the dialogue choice is, but it will end with you accepting the new quest.


Getting and finding the Entrance to the Tomb of Q'Tesh might take a while since it's pretty well hidden in the Sabu hinterlands. Once you've arrived you'll spot Esi standing near the entrance. Note that the entrance is sealed by some sort of magic(see Notes). Talk to Esi.


Esi will grant you the quest Tales of the Void, while technically is not required to complete Milk and Honey but is highly recommended unless you want to handicap yourself hard. For this walk trough it is assumed the quest has been completed.


Coming back from the previous quest you can ask Esi to go down to the tomb together, but this isn't implemented yet. Before you head down on your own make sure that you're stocked up on potions since it will be a while until you see daylight again.

Tomb I

The first area is a cramped room guarded by three Restless Dead and two Cursed Ones. Fight carefully and head straight on until you find yourself in a mineshaft-like area. Head down and not long after you'll encounter your first Follower of Bast alone by a campfire. Defeat hear and press on.

Tomb II

After that enemy you'll find another cramped room, this time with two Restless Dead and two Cursed Ones. Defeat them, take the T-Shaped hallway until you arrive at the old ruined corridor. On the floor Esi's Shield can be looted. Continue on trough the mineshaft looking part and then you'll arrive at the large cavern.

Tomb III

The large cavern area is split in two. From the side you arrived you'll find two Followers of Bast near an encampment and a ruined bridge along a chasm with water at the bottom. If you look to your left down the chasm you'll notice a lit torch near a cave entrance. Jump down into the water and head over there. Alternatively you can try to jump across the broken bridge, it's a tricky one but it's possible.

Tomb IV

After entering and exiting the cave you'll find yourself on the other side of the chasm. Here's another lone Follower of Bast near the temple entrance. Kill her and enter the temple proper.

Temple I

The Temple area can be somewhat confusing at first, skip the first right and instead head to the second where at the end you'll notice a lit torch, a bedroll and a ritual vessel. Take the jump across the gap, consume the vessel and gain the Plough Horse Manhood and Shadow Stallion Manhood. Jump back and go right again to the end of the hallway, then another right, and then keep left until you're in a room with a hole in the floor.

Temple II

The hole in the floor is a trap, you can jump down if you want but other than enemies nothing else is down there. Instead turn around and look back, there's another hole in the wall you can take. Go right after entering the hole to unlock the Shrine of Q'Tesh fast travel point. Turn around and go all the way to the end where the stairs lead down to another campfire. It's boss time.

Tomb Guardian

From the campfire you can go straight ahead to fight the Tomb Guardian. Check it's individual page for details. Once you've slain him grab the Sealed Vessel of Q'Tesh from the altar.

Priestess Attendant II

Return to Priestess' Attendant Nepthys and inform her of your success. As a reward she will grant you both Jackal Form (Female.html) and Jackal Form (Male.html).

Quest Log

The Priestess Attendant, Nepthys, has requested that a ritual vessel be recovered from the Tomb of the Ascended.

I should talk with the Adept, perhaps she will have knowledge of this place.

I must search for a means to defeat this Guardian. It seems that it cannot be harmed by normal means, but perhaps someone knows of a way to destroy it.

I should return to Esi and tell her of the power lent to me by the Void Spirit.