Note: Archived version, this repository is no longer maintained.

Current Versions

Note that the Steam release build number might not line up correctly as it sometimes includes forwarded fixes from newer versions.

Ascended: 0.3.67
Avatar: 0.3.67
Steam: 0.3.65

Mature Content Warning

Carnal Instinct contains frequent depictions of sex acts including but not limited to fetish content, gratuitous nudity, futanari, huge insertions, bodily fluids, and more. The narrative includes themes of a sexual nature including master/slave, suggestive content, and exploration of inner desires. Violence in the game is limited, however confrontation does involve melee and ranged combat (including blood).

About Carnal Instinct

Carnal Instinct is an Adult RPG with an emphasis on AAA quality visuals and compelling erotic interaction. Our team has over 20 years development experience and brings that formidable expertise to bear in this ambitious open-world adventure. The Steam version of the game is intended to be the most stable, and gets consistent minor updates frequently, along with a huge content update at least once every three months.

Development Model

Development of Carnal Instinct (PRE-Alpha) is funded by Subscribers (recurring billing on platforms like Patreon/SubscribeStar) and/or pay-once customers (on platforms like Steam and HumbleBundle). Please be aware that the Steam/HumbleBundle version of the game operates on a lengthened update schedule. The game will receive a minimum of 4 major updates per year, roughly 3 months apart, with additional smaller updates as needed. There is not a strictly defined update schedule as the Steam version is meant to be the most stable, bug-free version possible. Subscriber versions feature newer content, but are also most likely to be unstable.

Additionally, no major content will be locked exclusively behind Patreon support. Some cosmetics are locked behind this level of support, as they were patron funded. However, these should be considered alternative appearances (skins) for items that exist within the game.